Hand Hygiene PPM Roadmap

Access to the Hand Hygiene PPM is only available from the ABFM website and through your physician portfolio. You will need to access the Hand Hygiene module each time by continuing the module from your personal MC-FP Track Your Progress page. The use of bookmarks is not available with the Hand Hygiene module. Any attempt to access the Hand Hygiene PPM via a bookmark or other URL will result in access denied.

  • Prior to entering into the Hand Hygiene PPM you will need to choose the simulated patient population setting you wish to use during the activity. The simulated data will be provided for you in the module. You will click Outpatient if you would like to use data from a simulated outpatient setting, or Inpatient if you would like to use simulated inpatient data.
  • You will now see a welcome screen. Click Getting Started in the right panel to see the Quick Start Guide.
  • In the Quick Start Guide, view each of the 4 steps: Collect Data on Paper Forms, Enter Form Data Online, Review Run Charts and Improve Your Practice, and Join a Group (optional).
  • Across the top of the screen, you will see the categories PPM Goals, Optimum Care, Model for Improvement, Improvement Checklist, and Collaborate. Click on each of these in turn to review the associated information.
  • Click on Collect Data to access the forms for data collection. Click on the download simulated data link to access your simulated patient data.
  • Once you have printed your simulated data forms, click on Collect Data, and then click on Online Visit Form. You will be asked to create a New Cycle. Enter a start date and end date for the cycle and then click Create Cycle. You will now see a form with entries corresponding to your simulated patient observation form. Enter the data for each of your simulated patients, clicking the Submit button after each patient entry.
  • When you have completed entering 30 patient observations, click on My Results to view information about Run Charts. Click My Results/Run Charts to see your data.
  • Click on Improvement Strategies; choose one of the strategies to implement in your practice.
  • Implement your strategy. Then, return to the module, click on Collect Data and repeat the above steps 2 more times.
  • Upon completion of the Hand Hygiene PPM, you can access your CME certificate and complete the Hand Hygiene module evaluation by accessing your MC-FP Track Your Progress page.
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